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FAQ: Listing Packages

What Is a Listing Package?

A Listing Package is a feature that allows property owners, managers or freelance agents to list property for sale or rent on the Cornerstone website for a fee. This allows persons to present thier property to potential buyers or tenants in a convenient and professional manner at a relatively low cost. There are three packages to choose from based on the number of properties to be sold or rented at any one time.

How Much Does a Package Cost?

There are 3 packages currently available catering to the homeowner or property manager wishing to sell or rent their own property, to the freelance agent with up to 5 properties to advertise concurrently. Prices start at TT $250/mth paid quarterly. Custom packages are also available upon request.

How Do I Signup For A Package?

Signing up for a Listing Package is easy! Just follow the prompts… Start by clicking on the Login icon at the top of any page on our site then select the Register tab. Complete the form* then submit it. You will be asked to verify the account after which you may login to your Dashboard. From the menu at the left select “My Package” then click on the “Select Package” button. Click to choose your package then continue to Checkout. At Checkout select the Direct Deposit option which will give information on the 2 available payment methods.

* TIP: If you register as an Agency at signup you will be able to assign others to manage your listing(s).



Do Packages Expire?

Yes. Our standard packages have a duration of 3 months (custom packages can be varied) after which you may renew, change package or simply cancel. You will receive an email from us reminding you that your package is expiring.

What Features Will I Get With My Package?

After registration and login, from the Dashboard you will see a button labelled “Select Package”. This button will present you with a page showing the 3 available packages and the features offered by each along with the price and a button to purchase one.

I Have More Listings. Can I Get a Custom Package?

Yes! If you are a realtor or even someone with 100 listings or more, we can create a tailor-made package to suit your needs and your budget! Just contact us and tell us what you require.

How Do I Manage My Listings?

After you register and login you will be presented with your Dashboard. From here you may view, edit or delete any of your properties; view any visitor reviews you have have received; monitor the total number of views on your properties; manage your package; and much more. Your Dashboard places you in full control of your listings even from your mobile phone!

How Will Clients Contact Me?

After you have registered and had your account verified you may log-in at which time you will be redirected to your Dashboard. In the Dashboard, use the My Profile menu item to add your image, company details, email and phone contacts, social media links and much more. To present this information on your listings, simply select Author Information at the bottom of the listing page when creating your listing.

Will Cornerstone Help To Sell My Listing?

Our Listing Packages are designed for persons wishing to sell their own properties whether a homeowner or freelance agent. While you are using a listing package Cornerstone does not intervene in your marketing efforts. Should you however wish to have us sell the property instead, we will be happy to assist. Please see our Listing With Cornerstone FAQ for more.

My Listing Was Not Sold. Can Cornerstone Help?

Listing packages are designed for persons who prefer to handle the sale of their own property and freelance or ‘budding’ agents having more than 1 property for sale. Cornerstone does not market or promote these listings other than to provide the online listing tools. If however you wish for Cornerstone to take over the marketing of your listing(s), we will be happy to do so at no cost to you. See our “Listing with Cornerstone” FAQ for more information.

Can I Renew An Unsold Listing?

Yes but it depends on your current package. Basic and Advanced packages allow for 1 renewal while the Professional package offers 2 renewals.

What Is A Featured Listing?

Featured listings are listings that are given more prominence on our website. They appear before all other listings on our homepage and in other parts of the site.

How Many Images Can I Upload?

All packages allow for 20 images per listing.

What Size Images Should I use?

For maximum visual impact, we recommend clear, bright images (in JPEG image format) with a minimum width of 1400 pixels and a suggested height of 800 pixels or more. To help you create winning photos that will greatly enhance your chances of capturing a buyer or tenant, there are free photo editors available if you do not have or wish to use PhotoShop. Two great ones include the online Pixlr Editor ( with no software to install or the more powerful GIMP (

For fast loading, we suggest individual images should not exceed 250kb in size.

What Happens When My Listing Is Sold/Tenanted?

In the Basic package (which generally caters to the homeowner), when your listing is sold or tenanted you may either delete it and replace it with another listing or request a partial refund if you have no other property to advertise. The refund will only apply if the listing was closed within the first half of the listing period (namely the first 90 days of listing it on Cornerstone). In such cases a 30% refund will apply along with our Congratulations!

For the Advance and Professional packages, no refunds are issued.

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