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FAQ: sNAZzy Boutique

What Are the Various Shipping Options?

The sNAZzy Boutique offers Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping and Local Pickup. Shipments within Trinidad will normally ship for US $3.75 (approx TT $25) and shipments to Tobago will be US$5.00 (TT $34). Orders of US $175.00 (approx TT $1200) always ship for free. Local Pickup is available to persons who wish to collect their order within the Tunapuna/Trincity/Piarco area and can do so within 3 days of ordering. NOTE: Orders processed for local pickup that remain uncollected after 7 business days will be returned to stock, incurring a 15% restocking fee and the equivalent sNAZzy Points issued to the original purchaser.

Can I Save Items to Buy Later?

When viewing a product in the store, a button appears close to the Add to Cart button that allows you to save the item for later. This simply works as a reminder for you (in case you were considering buying it later). These items however are still available for others to buy. You may view all the items that you have saved for later in a separate section at the bottom of your cart.

An Item I Bought Is no Longer Available?

Items for sale in the boutique are no longer displayed in the store when they go out of stock. In some instances the item may be returned to stock at a later date but not all items can be restocked. Items that are currently available for sale will appear in the store and when the quantity in stock falls to 2, a notice will be shown next to the item indicating the stock count.

Are Store Prices in TT Dollars?

The prices as displayed when you first enter the store are in US Dollars which is the default currency for the store to facilitate easy online payment. The cart also displays prices in US dollars. While browsing the store your local currency may be detected based on your location and if it is, the prices will be automatically converted to that currency. If your local currency is not detected by the store, you may switch them manually to any of the currencies available ( TT Dollar, Euro, Sterling, EC Dollar, Barbados Dollar, Jamaican Dollar) using the buttons to the right of the item being viewed. These conversions while updated daily are just estimates.

What is your return policy?

Items bought at the store may be returned within 15 days of the original purchase date providing they are returned in saleable condition and in the original packaging. No cash will be given for returned items, instead the equivalent value in sNAZzy Points will be issued which may be used in the store to buy replacement or future items. Our RMA Form must be completed and accepted before returns are accepted.

Is there a sizing guide for clothes?

Yes, on items of clothing our standard sizing guide is available which will help you gauge the correct size item that suits you best. We encourage you to check it carefully before buying.

How Can I Track My Order?

Normally when your order is placed you will receive email and again when it is shipped. If however you wish to check on it, you may do so by going to your “My Account” page where you will find an Order Tracking form. Enter your Order ID and the email address of your account (what you used during Checkout) and click to track it.

How Long Before I Receive My Order?

Orders paid for by end of business (5pm) will normally ship the following business day via TTPost Couriers. Depending on where you are located you may receive it in 1 or 2 days following shipment (Tobago orders may take an extra day).

How Can I Pay for My Order?

Payment for orders in the store may be made in one of 2 ways:

  1. Securely online via PayPal™ using any credit or visa/debit card;
  2. Direct deposit at your nearest Republic or FCB branch (or online transfer).

You will be given the option during checkout to use the method you prefer. In the case of direct deposit/transfer, we will send you the relevant banking details either by email or instant message after your purchase if completed.

Do You Sell Outside of Trinidad & Tobago?

We’re sorry for any inconvenience but at present, the sNAZzy Boutique sells only to addresses within Trinidad and Tobago.

Does The Store Offer Rewards or Points?

Yes. sNAZzy Points refer to our Member Loyalty Program where you earn points on every purchase you make in the store. The points may be redeemed at any future purchase either for a discount or if you have accumulated sufficient points, you may make your purchase using only points. You will have the opportunity to redeem some or all of your points during Checkout.

As a special bonus, we will give you US $3 worth of points to spend in the store when you first create your account and another $3 when you write your first product review (only products you purchased can be reviewed)!

From your My Account page you may keep track of your current sNAZzy Points balance.

Can I Buy a Gift Voucher for Someone?

Yes you can! We have a sNAZzy Card that is available for sale in the store. You may load it with any value of your choice and purchse it as any other item in the store. You may keep the card (it will appear on your My Account page) or select to send it to someone at Checkout using their email address. Points are not awarded when purchasing the card only when spending it.

Card values are always sold in US Dollars.

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