Investing In South Florida

Invest in South Florida

Have you been considering buying a home or condo in South Florida? We have partnered with the licensed realtors and finance houses that will make the whole process easier than you think!

Whether you plan to use it as a vacation or second home, for rental income then occupy in the future, for your son or daughter to use while in college or any other reason, we can show you a wide selection from which to choose and the path to making it happen.

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South Florida Investments

The emphasis would be in the South Florida area in particular the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward (Ft. Lauderdale ) and Palm Beach. If interested in other parts of Florida, that could also be facilitated.

Yes, other can be chosen as well. We are able to sell real estate throughout the state of Florida.

$230,000 Single Family Home, West Palm Beach FL

You can choose from single family homes, condos, apts, townhomes, villas, vacant land, commercial properties/investments.

They range from both bank owned properties that are being sold to standard sales by owners.

These properties are in various price ranges (USD)… from $130,000 to $200,000; from $201,000 to $500,000 and from $501,000 to $3 million and up.

Yes, you will be dealing with a realtor licensed in the state of Florida with over 10 years experience in the industry and in good standing with the Florida Real Estate Commission.

It all depends on what you are looking for. The units range from 1 bedroom to 7 bedrooms and same for the bathrooms. Obviously the more bedrooms the higher the price.

That ranges from 800 sq ft of living area to 5000 square feet and possibly more depending on what one can afford.

That would depend on usage. If one is living in the units for a period of time the utilities would be more than if one was on vacation. Usually it ranges from $100 to about $250, again depending on usage.

That would depend on whether it’s a condo or single family home. In most cases there are HOA fees that ensures the maintenance of the common areas and there would be the monthly fees such as the electric, phone, etc.

You may choose whether you would like to be in a gated community or not.

That depends on the purchase price. The taxes on a single family home would be more than on a condo or townhouse. Likewise a unit purchased for $1million would be more than one purchased for $150,000.

We are closely linked with mortgage brokers and banks that would finance 65% of the appraised value of the property.

Usually a valid passport form your country along with an unexpired visa and a letter of good standing from your bank and the required down payment of 35%.

No you won’t. If you are financing it then you would need to show a valid visa.

It would have to be a cash purchase. This may be ‘sight unseen’ and it would be assumed that the purchase would be made without seeing the property.

Not necessarily. The money can be wired into a title company’s account that would facilitate the sale, somewhat like an attorney.

Absolutely. This is not a problem as the realtor’s company with whom you would be working has a property management division that can handle rentals.

That can be determined prior to purchase but in most cases it usually does.

No it won’t but an investment in a business can lead to a green card which is called the EB-5. An immigration attorney can give further information.

We most certainly can and would be more than willing to do so at that time.

No problem whatsoever.

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Having your own home, apartment or condo in South Florida may be easier than you think… We have units available that are sure to meet your approval with a price tag that will put a smile on your face. Complete and submit the form below to get the process started today!

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