J B Charran Drive

$1,400,000 --| Reduced |--


This two-storey property along a short, private cul-de-sac is situated just off the Orange Field Road and less than 2 miles from the Chase Village exit on the Solomon Hochoy Highway. This property may be converted into upstairs apartments or occupied by a large family.

The lower level comprises several large rooms which may be repurposed and currently comprise Living and Dining areas along with a Home Office and Kitchen. There is also a small patio ahead of the driveway.

Presently a wide internal stair connects the upper floor and terminates into a long, wide corridor on the upper floor This corridor connects the 5 bedrooms each of which features an en-suite bath and individual north-facing balcony. A central common area close to the stairway is ideal for use as a sitting room, opens into a large balcony of its own.