What services will I receive?

Cornerstone will handle all advertising of the property if it is vacant when we commence the management contract.

  • We will perform background checks and where possible, check into previous rental history and to see if the applicant is employed and able to meet the rental commitment. For existing tenants we will ensure their current tenant agreement is being followed or execute a new agreement;
  • On the landlord’s behalf we will negotiate the rental agreement, collect rental fees and deposits, issue keys to the tenants and make sure the keys are returned once the tenant leaves;
  • We will arrange to have interior and exterior inspections of the property done, usually twice annually;
  • Upon the tenants moving-out and before new tenants move-in we will contract house cleaners and re-key or replace the door locks (if approved by the landlord);
  • Tenants will be served with late notices as required along with other notices of any breach we observe;
  • We will arrange, manage, and pay for all required repairs and maintenance (we will seek the landlord’s approval for all non-emergency repairs that exceed 25% of the monthly rental). Emergency repairs that exceed 75% of the monthly rental will require the landlord’s prior approval. Emergency repairs are generally those that seriously threaten the tenants’ security; risk property damage or loss etc.
  • All tenants will be provided with an emergency number (emergency defined as and outlined in the tenant’s package);
  • All documents, progress photos, invoices, agreements, receipts etc regarding your managed property will be available in a special; secure area of our website where only the owner has access. This provides the landlord/owner with historical data for the life of our management contract. The files may be viewed online by the landlord, printed or downloaded.

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