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Question about CS Listing Packages

I Have More Listings. Can I Get a Custom Package?

Yes! If you are a realtor or even someone with 100 listings or more, we can create a tailor-made package to suit your needs and your budget! Just contact us and tell us what you require.

How Much Does a Package Cost?
How Do I Signup For A Package?
How Do I Manage My Listings?
Can I Renew An Unsold Listing?
How Many Images Can I Upload?
My Listing Was Not Sold. Can Cornerstone Help?
What Happens When My Listing Is Sold/Tenanted?
What Size Images Should I use?
What Is A Featured Listing?
Will Cornerstone Help To Sell My Listing?
How Will Clients Contact Me?

Question about Listing With Cornerstone

Do you accept non-exclusive listings?

To provide the highest level of client satisfaction and to effectively manage all aspects of the sale of your property, Cornerstone prefers exclusive control of your listing, typically for Three (3) months. During this period Cornerstone will employ all resources at its disposal to market and network your property, along with a group of well-established and reputable local realtors to arrive at a closing in the shortest possible time with the best available market value.

Although Cornerstone accepts non-exclusive listings (listings given to more than one agent at the same time), all our marketing channels cannot be used with this type of listing. We typically experience less effective results with non-exclusive listings due to the reduced marketing channels.

Do You Pay for Listing Referrals?
How much does it cost to list my property?
How will Cornerstone market my property?
What is your commission rate?
What type of properties do you list?
Will I have to pay a commission?
Will I have to pay for advertising?

Question about Property Management

Do I have to rent my property to smokers?

We strongly encourage a non-smoking policy for rental properties. Cigarette smoke tends to linger for a long time and may make your property less attractive to future non-smoking tenants. Legally we cannot say no to smokers, but it is legal to say ‘No Smoking’ in this building.

How will my property be kept clean?
What can I do if the tenant leaves before the lease expires?
What is the Cost to Manage my Property
What services will I receive?
What will you collect from the tenants before they move in?
When will I receive my rental income?
Who will perform maintenance, repairs, cleaning etc?
Will I be required to pay a setup fee?
Can I send you my own property images?

Question about sNAZzy Boutique

What Are the Various Shipping Options?

The sNAZzy Boutique offers Flat Rate Shipping, Free Shipping and Local Pickup. Shipments within Trinidad will normally ship for US $3.75 (approx TT $25) and shipments to Tobago will be US$5.00 (TT $34). Orders of US $175.00 (approx TT $1200) always ship for free. Local Pickup is available to persons who wish to collect their order within the Tunapuna/Trincity/Piarco area and can do so within 3 days of ordering. NOTE: Orders processed for local pickup that remain uncollected after 7 business days will be returned to stock, incurring a 15% restocking fee and the equivalent sNAZzy Points issued to the original purchaser.

Is there a sizing guide for clothes?
What is your return policy?
Are Store Prices in TT Dollars?
An Item I Bought Is no Longer Available?
Can I Save Items to Buy Later?
Can I Buy a Gift Voucher for Someone?
Does The Store Offer Rewards or Points?
How Can I Track My Order?
Do You Sell Outside of Trinidad & Tobago?
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