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Tenant Responsibilities

As a tenant your responsibilities include:

  • Reporting any maintenance issues with the property.
  • Paying for all damages you cause.
  • NOT making alterations to the property without due authorization from the landlord.
  • Maintaining the landscaping as provided in your lease.
  • Taking care not to cause damage to the property.
  • Respecting your neighbors quiet enjoyment of their property.
  • Adhering to the terms of your lease (for example; by not smoking in a non-smoking house or by not having pets in a house that states in the lease no pets allowed).


  • Paying all rent on time.
  • Transferring all utility accounts that you will be responsible for into your name in a timely manner upon move in and removing your name from all utility accounts upon move out.
  • Giving the landlord the appropriate notice (usually one-month) prior to terminating the rental agreement.
  • Allowing all interior and exterior inspections of the property when given the appropriate written notice (usually 24 hours).
  • NOT leaving any trash or unwanted items when leaving a rental property.
  • Leaving the property in the same condition you found it in.
  • Letting CornerStone know when you will be away from the rental property for more than 2 weeks.

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