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Concrete Landscaping

Concrete Landscaping

Concrete landscaping refers basically to any type of landscaping that involves concrete, which is a masonry product that is composed of cement, sand and gravel or other coarse aggregate. Concrete landscaping is in fact quite a popular matter, for instance, concrete may be used in order to form the flooring of a patio, or concrete footings may be used to support a wooden deck.

Concrete Landscaping Idea: Building a Concrete Patio

One great concrete landscaping idea is to build a concrete patio into your landscaping design; it is actually not that hard, and as long as you learn about and understand the basics, you should not have that hard of a time completing it. As well, concrete patios are extremely durable and can dramatically enhance your garden or other landscaping designs.

Here are the steps to prepare your concrete patio for concrete landscaping:

Step 1 – Get everything planned before starting your concrete landscaping work

Basically the first thing that you need to do for concrete landscaping is to plan; buy your materials and tools ahead of time, and rent an automatic cement mixer. Then you need to excavate the landscape with a garden shovel, and then build a form to hold the gravel and concrete. Sink form into the area that has been excavated for the patio, and remember that the top of the form should be level with the ground.

Step 2 – Do the necessary installations for your concrete landscaping patio

Then you install the gravel, tamping it down firmly to make sure that it is secure. Install pieces of rock, and this will be used as support for the concrete landscaping patio. Then install reinforcing rebar to unify the slab, and make a grid, then mix the concrete in the automatic mixer and then pour the concrete, starting at the end that is farthest from where the mixer is.

Step 3 – Putting in your final touch for your concrete landscaping patio

You then need to use a screed to level the surface of the concrete, and then use a float to even out any lumps. You then need to finish the control joints, and finish the concrete landscaping patio surface by using design elements. Lay plastic over the surface of the new concrete landscaping patio, and the key to curing is to not let it dry out too fast. This is the point of the plastic, as by laying plastic over the concrete patio, you will trap the moisture within.

Step 4 – Wait patiently while your concrete landscaping patio cures

You should generally keep the plastic on the top of the concrete landscaping patio for about a week, and then remember that even after you have removed the plastic, you still need to remember not to subject the concrete to any undue stress.