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Patio Landscape Ideas

Patio Landscape Ideas

With all the self-help patio landscaping information out there today, there’s no reason to live with a dull or ugly patio that does nothing to enhance the exterior look of your home. The outdoors is very ‘in’ and good patio landscaping can transform your deck into an extra room for your home. Home-décor magazines often do feature articles showing off ideas for exterior design, so roll up your sleeves and turn that backyard fiasco into relaxing fresco!

To start planning out your patio landscape, consider the size of space you have available to transform. Once you know the space that you have to work with, creating a patio landscape is only restricted by your imagination. If your backyard area is large, you can consider changing your decking to spill out into green, grassy areas with winding pathways and shady trees.

You can even plan out different areas, and section off your deck and yard for adult space, playing corners for the children and quiet spots for sitting and resting. Should you be restricted in space, your patio landscape can turn into a small, café-style morning room, complete with weatherproof, patterned curtains or a greenhouse-style showcase for verdant plants and flowerpots.

Patio kits and plans are easily found at hardware stores or in magazines. Construction is fairly easy and doesn’t require the services of a carpenter, if you’re handy with a saw and hammer or have a willing neighbour who’ll provide the labour. Try to use material for your patio landscape that’s hardy and weather resistant but that also looks natural. Green-stained treated lumber doesn’t always give the sense of a natural area.

Boards and planks made from recycled materials will last virtually forever, are also environmentally friendly, and they come in a range of colors and textures. You can also create an Old World look for your patio landscape with decorative stone slabs or brick paving.

What about Décor?

Accessorize your space with furniture that’s fashionable and functional. There’s no reason to have boring, plastic deck chairs and shaky tables that offer little attraction to your patio landscape – today’s stores offer plenty of wrought-iron furniture that looks luxurious. For added comfort, purchase weather-resistant cushions to pad chairs or benches. If you choose to use regular cushions and throw covers for lounging outdoors, buy a large, plastic container for quick and easy storage.

Stowed away underneath a bench and hidden by plants, your storage bin will keep your designer accessories dry and safe from the sun.

Your patio landscape should have plenty of plants that create a sense of lush fullness and vibrant greenery. Use low-maintenance perennials in large bunches, or dress up large flowerpots with flashy annuals that will showcase your patio landscape. There are small kits for ponds and waterfalls available at large construction stores, such as Home Depot, which can be set up for natural, soothing sounds in the background.

You can dress up your pond kit with plenty of plants and witty decorations, like painted rubber boots used as planters. Mirrors and sun-catchers are also attractive accessories for patio landscapes and they also provide the illusion of more space, as well as being interesting to look at.