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The Selling Process

The Selling Process

It’s a good idea to interview the agent with whom you will be working in order to get a sense of the skills and talent of your prospective partner. A good agent will: Help you sell your property, Provide comparable sales data to determine the proper asking price, Successfully negotiate all aspects of the transaction, Keep the deal together and make sure that the sale closes.

Cornerstone has competent professionals who come from a variety of different backgrounds and are willing to assist you in every aspect of the process.

You’ve made the decision to sell your home and have taken the time to find the right agent to represent you. Now is the time to make it happen. By signing a listing agreement, you enter into a partnership with Cornerstone, allowing them to dedicate themselves to getting the best price and terms for your house.

Your agent will take the lead in marketing your home and consult with you to determine the most favorable presentation for your property. He or she may also suggest minor improvements to your house that could bring greater returns when the home is sold.

This is an exciting time! You’ve chosen Cornerstone and made a commitment to sell what is possibly your most valuable asset, your home. Over the next several weeks, you’ll see why choosing Cornerstone is so important. Your agent will use several different tools to market your home:

Property Statement

A fact sheet, or statement, will be prepared by your agent that describes the unique features and amenities of your home. This is made available to the brokerage community and to all buyers and their agents viewing your home.

“For Sale” Signs

It’s a well-known fact — signs are effective at selling your home. With our signs in front of your property, a prospective buyer knows that your home is represented by a trusted realtor and can be assured of a business transaction of the highest ethical standards.

Open House

Opening your home for viewing is crucial to providing access to potential buyers. Your agent knows how important this accessibility is and is committed to making full use of this tool.

How do you know which offer to accept? Is it more important to get a higher price or a shorter escrow? Should you accept the first good offer you get?

Here’s where your agent’s experience and negotiating skills are put to the test. There are no easy answers to these questions. While price is important, there are many other factors to consider when evaluating offers.

As a seasoned professional, Cornerstone can help you determine the most beneficial offer, and will negotiate on your behalf for the best outcome.

The marketing and negotiating period may have been exciting but the escrow period is the most critical. This is where a transaction will proceed to completion or not.

During this time your agent will:

  • Attend and advise on property inspections.
  • Monitor the Buyers’ loan process.
  • Make sure all time frames are understood and achieved.
  • Work with the lawyers to assure clear and transferable title and no issues with conveyance.
  • Deal with any and all unforeseen issues that inevitably arise during all transactions.
  • Keep you informed at every step of the way.
  • Explain the final stages of the actual conveyance and the subsequent delivery of the property to the new Buyers.

Your hard work paid off, but now it’s time to move on! Not long after you leave your home for the last time, you can feel the excitement build as you anticipate entering your new home.

We wish you the best of times in your new home. And you can rest assured that, the next time you need an exceptional real estate agent, you need look no further than CornerStone Properties.