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Top 3 Reasons for No Sale

Top 3 Reasons for No Sale

The top three reasons that a house does not sell are:

  1. It is in poor condition.
  2. The house is priced too high.
  3. The immediate surroundings, general area or housing market may be a bit depressed.

Sprucing up areas that need improvement generally pays for itself, especially in areas of higher priced homes. By all means, avoid a negative home inspection report. Unfavorable home inspection reports have and will pour cold water on many a hot deal. Not everyone has the mentality to fix up a house – they may consider pricey adjustments for repairs out of their league. Making the effort to get your home in top condition eliminates these loopholes.

Don’t expect top dollar for your home if it is not in the right neighborhood. You’ve heard it said, “location, location, location.” A good location commands the high price when it comes to real estate. Houses appreciate faster in a good market and decline slower in a bad market when they are in better communities. Better communities have better schools, amenities and your neighbors generally are working professionals.

If the housing market is hot, houses sell fast. If not, there is a longer wait for the average house to be sold. Everyone agrees, 20% of the agents sell 80% of the houses. They have better personalities, make less mistakes and give better service. Under any market condition, choosing a highly rated top producer is your best bet. You’ll get the better end of the deal and have less stress.