Listing with Cornerstone

Will I have to pay for advertising?

Cornerstone will never charge a client for advertising costs. While some agents try to recover some of their marketing costs in the event of a non-closure, Cornerstone will never charge its clients costs of any kind.

What is your commission rate?

Cornerstone’s commission rate is standard for lands and buildings (residential or commercial) at 3% of the closing price. For rentals and leases, it is equal to one month’s rent. We do not normally negotiate short-term rentals (rentals less than 1 year) unless previously agreed upon with the client. Short-term rentals agreed upon and executed are…

How will Cornerstone market my property?

For exclusive listings, Cornerstone uses a judicious mix of marketing techniques (based on the type and location of the property) which has proven to be very effective for us over the past several years and continuing. These include (but are not limited to) the following: Website advertising and exposure * Classified advertising Sponsored (Paid) Social…

How much does it cost to list my property?

CornerStone does not charge its clients for listing property. All costs involved in the marketing, exposure, showing, negotiating etc are paid for by us. Related transaction costs (ie: appraisal fees and WASA clearance certificate fees etc) are paid for by the client.

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