Rent Application Persons

The rental property can only be reserved after this application form has been submitted, accepted by the landlord and the required deposit received (security deposit of 1 month’s rent + the first month’s rent).

NOTE: The main applicant must be 24 years or older (exceptions may be granted by the Landlord). Please upload a copy of a recent job letter (within the last 6 months) or preferably your most recent payslip. Self-employed persons/business owners: please include at least 1 business reference. Kindly provide a picture ID (Drivers Permit, ID card both sides or Passport bio page) along with this application. Any clear image of these taken with your smartphone is acceptable (use to reduce the image file size to 6mb or less if necessary). Files may be gif, jpg, png, tif or pdf. The main applicant along with any resident sharing the rent will be required to sign a Tenancy Agreement. Retired applicants will require a working person to co-sign the Tenancy Agreement. Rent is normally due at the beginning of each month. This agreement shall be for a period not less than One (1) and not exceeding Five (5) years renewable (selectable in the form below) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by the landlord. Pets will not be allowed on the property without prior written consent from the Landlord. Please note that submitting this form does not guarantee a tenancy. The Landlord reserves the right to accept or reject any tenant application(s).

Information submitted in this form will be held in strict confidence and not shared with any third party.

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Property Details

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Main Applicant Details

First and Last Name
Your current street address
Drivers Permit, ID Card (both sides) or Passport Bio page
How long do you desire to occupy? This term is renewable.

Employment Details

Your most recent payslip or a Job Letter no older than 6 months

Self Employed

Accounting, Woodworking etc.
Your average monthly income from the business

Retired Persons

Note: A working person will have to co-sign the Tenancy Agreement

Not counting the main applicant, how many others will reside at this property?

Resident(s) Information

Drivers Permit, ID Card (both sides) or Passport Bio page
Drivers Permit, ID Card (both sides) or Passport Bio page
Drivers Permit, ID Card (both sides) or Passport Bio page

Character References

Relative not living with you

You must check the box below to submit the form (or go back to the previous page).
In checking the box and submitting the form, you declare that the information given is true and correct and that any material variations or omissions may be grounds for the termination of your tenancy.

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